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Stop, Look and Listen this National Safeguarding Month (28thFeb –31stMar)

UK Youth -the largest national body for the sector, supporting over 830,000 young people -is calling on all organisations that work with young people to Stop what they’re doing, Look at their safeguarding practices, Listento young people and take action during National Safeguarding Month.

The month hopes to put a spotlight on the welfare of young people to inspire and motivate youth organisations to create bright futures with their safeguarding policies.

During National Safeguarding Month, we pledge to review and take positive action to improve your safeguarding practices by the end of March

Join us during National Safeguarding Month by committing to the highest standards of safeguarding policies and practices.

Pledge your support using #StopLookListen17 and find out more here.


Safeguarding is a priority at Ling Bob J, I & N School and we have several policies in place to help to keep

our children safe, such as; Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy, 

Health & Safety Policy, Medical Needs Policy, Behaviour Policy and an Anti-Bullying Policy.

​Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and all staff working in school receive regular training and 

are familiar with the statutory guidance of Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2016).  

Training includes a range of safeguarding issues, including the Prevent strategy to protect children 

from radicalisation and extremism, child sexual exploitation and FGM. 

If you are worried about the welfare of a child who attends Ling Bob School, please speak to a 

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).  Our Senior DSL is Jeanette Bolton.  If you have concerns about

 a child being at risk of harm, you can also contact 

Calderdale’s Multi Agency Screening team on 01422 393336.

   For further information please visit Calderdale’s Safeguarding Children Board or the NSPCC website;






The following staff have been trained as Designated 

Safeguarding Leads for Ling Bob J I & N School

If you have a welfare concern regarding ANY child in our School,

 please speak to a DSL as soon as possible.

   Jeanette Bolton

      Senior DSL​

    Karen Nelson


Mandy Amos


Online Safety; Keeping Children Safe in Education

What it means for Schools and Colleges

The Department for Education published their revised ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ statutory guidance on May 26th ahead of its activation on 5th September 2016.  This is relevant to schools and colleges across England and introduces a number of notable changes and updates with regards online safety.

Given the guidance is 75 pages in length, SWGfL, as part of UK Safer Internet Centre, has helpfully highlighted the revised changes, together with what this may mean.  Alongside most references, we have also signposted resources and services that may help.  Simply skip through the Prezi to highlight the references, interpretation and associated resources.