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House Point Competition

We are using ClassDojo to record house point this year.

2015 - 2016 House Champions

St George's



St. George

St. Andrew 

St. David

St. Patrick

Key Stage 1


Pavel Botos

Maddison Bryant-Powell

Joshua-Daniel  Hirst

Olivia Emmett

Bradley Hainsworth

Ifza Kashaf

Jack Spruce

Scarlett Trigg

Vice Captains

 Jack Clarke

Evie-Mai Cochrane

Jamie Helliwell

Amelia Ahmed

Benjamin McGarry

Olivia Meehan

Sahil Rashid

Hayley-Rose Rushworth

Key Stage 2


Joseph Beevers​
Millie Moriarty

Billy Marsh

Cody Harrison

Lee Youdan

Emily Scholefield

Junaid Manchip

Kennedy Stansfield

Vice Captains

Anees Hassan

Tamara Carter

Joseph Kendall

Abigail Greenwood

Hassan Mohammed

Bethany Hainsworth

Jake Ashton

Maddison Bates

The house totals for KS1 and KS2 will be displayed here and on boards in school.

House Points for Summer Term 1 2017


House points can be awarded for sporting achievement, good behaviour, attendance and class work so children are encouraged to try their best in all areas of school work and life.


Special events and competitions will also take place during the year at which children will be awarded House Points

KS1 Sports Day Results

1st St David's 85 points
2nd St George's 83 points
3rd St Patrick's 79 points
4th St Andrew's 75 points

KS2 Sports Day Results

1st St Patrick's 235 points
2nd St Andrew's 229 points
3rd St George's 224 points
4th St David's 216 points 

KS2 House Hockey (Spring 2017)

St Patrick's
  St George's League Table

St Andrew's     St David's Team Played Won Points  GD
St David's  
St Patrick's St George's        
St George's  
St Andrew's St Andrew's
St David's  
St George's St Patrick's
St Andrew's
  St Patrick's St David's


KS2 House Benchball Competition (9th December 2016)

Position Year 5 Points Year 6 Points Overall Points
1st St George's 4 St Patrick's 4 St George's 7
2nd St David's 3 St George's 3 St Patrick's 6
3rd St Patrick's 2 St Andrew's 2 St David's 4
4th St Andrew's 1 St David's 1 St Andrew's 3

KS2 House Cross Country (Autumn Term 1) Results

   St Andrew's  183 points
   St Patrick's  129 points
  St George's 116 points
  St David's 81  points

KS2 House Football Autumn 2016

30/9/16​ St Patrick's 2 1 St Andrew's League Table      
14/10/16 St David's 1 2 St George's Team  Played  Won  Drawn Points
23/9/16 St Patrick's 2 0 St David's St George's  3 2  0 4
21/10/16 St David's 1
St Andrew's St Andrew's  3 2  0
3/11/16 St Patrick's 0 3 St George's St Patrick's  3 2  0 4
16/9/16 St George's 2 3 St Andrew's St David's  3 0  0 0

Congratulations to St George's - 2016-17 KS2 House Football Champions

Each week points are awarded towards The House Championship as follows: 1st = 4, 2nd = 3 3rd = 2 and 4th = 1